Pharmaceutical tablet tooling maintenance

Tool Inspection Kit

The full set of equipment’s and fixtures required to inspect a Tableting Punch or Die which includes Manual Inspection & Semi Automatic Inspection. The Manual Inspection System complies of equipment’s that only display the readouts and do not save or bifurcate based on the Data & Tolerances. The Semi Automatic System complies of equipment’s that are directly connected to a system that not only reads out dimensions but also saves and bifurcated based on the tolerances set.

Tool Polishing Kit

It comprises of Manual Tool Polishing and Automatic Drag Polishing Systems. The Manual Tool Polishing Kit has a unique Case Design where in one does not have to open the Case or Remove the equipment out of the Carry Case to Polish the Tool Tip as it is designed with 2 Openings One for Inlet & One for Outlet so job process can be concluded without any hassle and provides a user friendly experience, Also the design of it is proprietary and first of its kind.

Tool Cleaning System

The tool cleaning system is a system based on Ultrasonic Cleaning technology which creates ultrasonic vibrations to create Blasting Bubbles that blast as soon as they come into contact of any surface due to which the cleaning happens to be till the maximum depth of the surface ensuring a Deep and Super Clean Surface free of any foreign residue.

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